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Pre-Paid Legal and the Blastoff Network, the Viral Marketing Connection?

Posted on February 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

The New Strategic Alliance?

The value in giving Pre-Paid Legal’s 400 thousand independent reps a 4-week jumpstart on the launch of the new Blastoff Network should be obvious to all. The bigger question is will Pre-Paid benefit in any significant way from their new partnership with Blastoff?

Let’s Start With A Brief Review Of Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

Prepaid Legal Services, Inc is the brainchild of Harland Stonecipher who founded the company back in 1972 after a devastating automobile accident that occurred in 1969 left him with huge legal fees when the person responsible for the accident had the audacity to sue him!

Having medical and automobile insurance cushioned the impact of those expenses however the ensuing legal litigation in which Stonecipher prevailed, still left him near penniless and looking for some way to mitigate any possibility of future legal expenses for himself and others.

The pre-eminent provider of legal expense plans in the country with upwards of 1.5 million members, Prepaid Legal is a New York Stock Exchange listed company and boasts a sales force of more than 400,000 independent representatives who market its various legal expense plans and identity theft program through a multi-level marketing program.

What is it that attracted a solid and stalwart legal services company like PrePaid Legal to want to join forces with the equivalent to a home shopping network on the internet?

Let’s Look At The Blastoff Network

Blastoff comes to us from William Rodgers and his two partners Scott Berman & Adam Smith. It is the intention of the Blastoff Network to merge online shopping with such big brand names as iTunes, The Gap, WalMart, Target and as many as 400 more online retailers with a cashback or rebate online shopping experience. Consumers are encouraged to sign up with Blastoff for free and invite others to do the same. This network will then pay members overrides on other’s purchases.

Harland Stonecipher of Prepaid Legal is paraphrased here as stating that he sees the integration of a rewards-based program with the viral marketing potential of Blastoff combined with the 400,000 independent sales reps of Prepaid Legal makes for a combination offering significant opportunity for all concerned.

Pre-Paid Legal will be the only Network Marketing/MLM Company to be part of the Blastoff network and Pre-Paid and its legal services membership plan will be prominently featured with a link on the Blastoff home page.

How Much Does Prepaid Legal Stand To Gain?

It makes sense that both companies have the potential for significant market exposure as a result of the others marketing strategies. Combining direct sales with a viral marketing strategy could be all it takes to push Prepaid’s membership totals beyond the 2 million member mark! Only time will tell though!

But will that exposure be enough to energize the 400,000 member sales force of Pre-Paid Legal to further push sales of the legal membership beyond the 1.5 million member mark? We’ll see! After all, it is all about exposure! Whoever can deliver their product to greatest number of consumers at the least cost wins! And Pre-Paid just might be a big winner in this game but only if its sales force is motivated enough to push existing sales way beyond where they are now, namely the 1.5 million member mark! Time will tell!

A Financial Windfall For Prepaid Legal Reps?

I guess what all the associates with PrePaid need to be asking is whether or not they will be able to create an income stream from Blastoff without any significant effort or involvement on their part?

The real money will be made by savvy Prepaid Legal representatives who take advantage of the Blastoff website to drive traffic to it with the idea of exposing someone new to the PPL membership link and then following up with them to get them signed up as a new member. As always, the fortune is still in the followup!

Ahhhh, The Effects Of Viral Marketing…My Favorite Subject!

Since Network Marketing is already a form of viral marketing, will the addition of Social Media sites and hyped-up headlines likely increase the effects of viral marketing? Suggesting that Blastoff will be the biggest thing to ever hit the internet is not likely to accomplish that goal. What it is likely to do is to create skepticism in folks like you and me!

How To Generate More Customers In Your Legal Shield Business

Posted on February 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

Generating customers and reps for your Legal Shield business doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. Because lawyers and attorneys are always in high demand, it is relatively easy to strum up business and members for your MLM based business opportunity. Legal Shield is a multi-levelmarketing program that has been around for over 40 years. It was previously known as Prepaid Legal. The service is very simple – members pay a monthly subscription fee and after this they receive access to the member’s area. From this spot they have access to thousands of different lawyer and attorney services in their area, sorted and categorized accordingly.

In addition to having access to the massive listing of lawyers and attorneys in your area, members will also receive major discounts on all the legal services they need. Additionally they will get 1 free phone consultation and one free face-to-face consultation with the lawyer of their choice. They will also receive one free document review and a few other perks. Lawyers join Legal Shield because it greatly expands their client base, and because they will have a higher volume of work they can accept the discounted prices they receive.

Read below to learn the best ways to generate customers and reps for your Legal Shield marketing network:

Target People with Legal Problems

While this may seem a bit unethical, you must remember that marketing is a cutthroat business and your lost customer is another marketer’s $500 paycheck when all is said and done. Because you’re selling a service that offers free or discounted legal services it would make sense to target people that are in need of legal service. People going through divorce, going through a real estate deal, or have trouble with the law are all good candidates for recruiting into the program. Emphasize the fact that they will receive a free phone consultation as well as a free one-on-one consultation with the lawyer or attorney of their choice after they join the program.

Emphasize the Need for Legal Services

Many people may think that creating a will, transferring a deed or selling a piece of property can be done quickly and easily, without the aid of a lawyer or attorney. In reality, virtually everything these days requires a lawyer of some sort, or at least a notary for an official signature. When attempting to recruit people to join Legal Shield you must emphasize the growing need for legal services, and how joining Legal Shield will entitle them to a variety of services they can receive either for free or for a steeply discounted price. Entice people to join by reminding them of the free phone consultation and face-to-face meeting they get with a real lawyer after joining. Also remind them of the free document reading and proofing they will receive. Attracting more customers and reps for your Legal Shield business is easy when you capitalize upon their problems or fears. Target people who are currently in legal trouble, and remind them of the bonuses and incentives they will get.

Secret Tip!

Nowadays people are doubling and tripling their recruiting online and it starts with learning how to be an efficient Internet Marketer.

1. Learn How To Send Traffic To A Website

2. Create a website that captures your traffic name and email

3. Email the people who opt in to your website and share your opportunity over and over…

How Can You Use Legal Training to Cut Your Recruitment Costs?

Posted on February 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

In the legal sector this can be even more frustrating due to the high starting salaries and high percentage fees charged by recruitment companies. With fees starting in the region of 20%, even for a junior solicitor a recruitment fee of £6,000 is not unusual, and often during boom times the percentage can increase towards 50% as the recruitment companies ‘cash in’ while they can.

However investing in your team through effective legal training can substantially reduce your recruitment costs. There are several major reasons for this:

* By showing a commitment to invest in your team you build loyalty.

* If you choose the right legal training providers your employee’s skills will improve making them more efficient at their job.

* Better trained staff are more motivated in their roles.

* If you create a one, three or five year training plan for each member of your team you are investing long-term for their benefit (and ultimately yours).

* Better trained and more efficient staff make for more satisfied clients.

* If your training plan is focused on a ‘team’ the whole team will improve and help each other in their areas of strength.

Let’s look at each of these items in turn to see how they help to improve employee loyalty.

Committing To Invest.

Every member of staff likes to feel that they are valued. If you pick up any management book one of the recurring themes will always be the need to “Praise Your Team”. Whilst praise is an essential part of your management skills it does not cost anything except time. When you agree to fund a course for your team members you have to invest financially as well as with your time. This extra commitment, if explained correctly to your staff, shows that you really do value their contribution to the team.

Improving Skills.

If you choose the right legal training provider your staff will receive training that immediately makes them better at their job. This leads to improved satisfaction for your team member. A happier team member is less likely to leave their job.

Motivated Staff Through A Training Plan.

If you take the time to put in place a long term training plan with each team member you are showing a commitment to them for years to come. This commitment to train them over the course of the next few years shows a real desire on your part for them to be an integral part of your business. How will you be rewarded for this commitment? With a more motivated and committee team member who is much more likely to stay with your firm.

More Satisfied Clients.

If your staff are more confident in their abilities and better trained they will be able to complete their cases as quickly as possible. Less mistakes will be made and a much better service will be received by your clients. In an increasingly competitive market, having satisfied clients spreading the word about your excellent service is a huge benefit to your law firm.

Better Teams.

If your teams each receive training in different areas or aspects of law they will become experts in that area. If each of your team members has a different expertise they will become an excellent resource for each other, improving your team’s efficiency as a whole.


If you invest in your team correctly, the cost of any training will be returned many times over through improved efficiency, improved client satisfaction and most importantly in reduced recruitment costs.